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Alex Kelman feat. Magnus Josefsson – ‘Alone’

The story of this song is based on a real situation, when Alex met a Russian woman in Prague. They were laughing and drinking all night, and had a great time – she looked really happy. They texted and talked afterwards and got somehow friends and after several weeks, she started to sent some weird messages, and Alex found out around this time that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent to Russia by the Czech healthcare system… Unfortunately, she was alone and nobody looked after her health and mental condition. Some time passed, and then she was placed with her diagnosis in the cheapest free hospital around her town… Alex tried to help her, in the beginning he tried to support her with Facebook communications and sending her music and films, and he also tried to find a proper doctor for her, and even found. But it was too late – she was already set on strong medication, and she stopped to communicate with him so he lost the connection to her.

So after all this, Alex wrote this song to bring up the discussion about this problem. That sometimes people who are out of their mind are having a really hard time, especially when they do not have any support, to keep the balance in a normal live by themselves.

Together with the musician Magnus Josefsson, Alex made an alternative edit to support his statement!

The Cover-Art comes from the artists Nathalia Van De K and Inna Flint.

Music & Lyrics: Alex Kelman
Vocals: Alex Kelman & Aleksandra Glazunova

Alone (feat. Magnus Josefsson)

Music & Lyrics: Alex Kelman
Vocals & Guitar: Magnus Josefsson

Mixing & Mastering: Yuri Danilin



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01. Alone, 02. Alex Kelman (feat. Magnus Josefsson) – Alone, FULL EP

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