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Malcuth & Dabadox new single “Introspect”



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“Introspect” is a single that sprouted from collaboration between the two electronic producers – Malcuth and Dabadox. The unlikely duo met in Innsbruck and found out they had identical taste and passion for music. So had a few sessions in the Super Plus Lab, our recording studio. Whilst Malcuth focused more on the production aspects, Dabadox merged sounds and created the lyrical-rap background. Inspired by the inner workings of the mind, heavy pounding beats, creative sound design and Austria’s beautiful nature, the single “Introspect” is now the result of this moody journey into the rhythm of the soul.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Also check out Dabadox´s instrumental project Dabadox ExS, where the austrian producer, sound designer, rapper and natural scientist tries to transcript phenomena of the anorganic and living nature into sound sculptures -> Let´s go!!!

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