“Meitene No Pūres” is BAIBA´s single “Boy From Murcia” in a new Latvian version.

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“Meitene no Pūres” (Girl from Pūre) is the first Latvian song BAIBA has released in years and comes out as an alternative Latvian version to the last years summer song – Boy From Murcia.
In this song BAIBA wished to look back at her young teenage years, growing up around era of 00’s as a hungry for life and curious Latvian village girl, who treasured her countryside heritage, yet wanted to see the world and to break free from her own mind and longing for something she could not yet define. This song is for all these girls and women who wish to be it all – Jane from the jungle, fearless and strong, Anna Karina in Paris, so poetic, independent and misterious and that authentic, charming village girl, who just wishes for her boy crush to take her to a country side ball. To take her to that windy Lithuanian seaside and ease her pain with his brown beautiful eyes. It is a reminder to ourselves, that it is completely fine to crave for it all! We have millions of facades for us to unleash!!!


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