BAIBA`s new single ”Perfect” is her first single from the upcoming EP „COMPULSIVE“.

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A few words from BAIBA about the song:

„PERFECT“ is a song about the society’s cultivated need of belonging and excelling in everything one does. It´s about needing to be the good girl, the one with the best grades, the one, that shines through and is an exceptional example of success. The song portrays the confusion and the inner struggle of not being able to define what this success and goodness means, which mostly leads us to not feeling enough no matter what we do.

The idea of the song came from BAIBA´s childhood and school experience, where as a young child she often got told how special and good she is and what kind of self struggle it caused in her life later on.

She wanted to make a light, satiric and ironic song to approach that topic in a to most of us relatable and in an easy and self healing manner. The video for the single underlines this message with a back to school cotton candy like attitude!

The „COMPULSIVE“ EP will dive deeper in these topics that BAIBA and many of us are obsessing about.


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